The First Year Of The Cypherpunk Guild

Strategic Partnerships and Guild Evolution

  • The Cypherpunk Guild’s launch was announced in early April 2021, when it also received a 100K seed grant from the NEAR Foundation to fund privacy-enhancing projects, and establish NEAR as a credible platform for privacy-first projects.
  • In June 2121, the Cypherpunk Guild gets legally incorporated as an official Swiss association. The Cypherpunk association established itself as one of the first privacy-related entities to pioneer a private, and open internet. By becoming an official association the Cypherpunk Guild gained the ability to receive donations from organizations and individuals as well as to stake, invest and grant $NEAR.
  • In September 2021, Jon Matonis, Chief Economist and director of the Cypherpunk Holding, joined the Cypherpunk Guild Council on the NEAR Protocol as a representative of the company. Cypherpunk Holdings is a sector leader in privacy technology investments that shares the Cypherpunk Guild’s mission and vision. The entrance of Matonis into the Cypherpunk Guild Council signaled the beginning of a close and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Projects Funded By The Cypherpunk Guild in 2021

Overview of CPG-funded projects: ZeroPool, Suterusu, Zecrey, and NYM.

Looking Ahead

About Cypherpunk Guild



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