Cypherpunk Writing Contest

The Cypherpunk Guild is excited to announce a cypherpunk inspired writing contest to spread awareness about Web3, privacy, and the cypherpunk’s mission to achieve greater online freedom.

From July 11 to August 8 the CPG will be accepting submissions for two categories–essays and fiction. The 2 winners will be announced on the 12th of August and will each be awarded 300 USN.

The Cypherpunk Guild Writing Contest is an initiative to spread awareness on the importance of privacy and privacy enhancing solutions for the achievement of greater online freedom and users’ empowerment.

The CPG is not only committed to providing support to projects building privacy solutions but also to creating a community of privacy-minded people. Through this contest the CPG aims to bring the NEAR and crypto community together by stimulating a reflection on privacy.

Because we are not only interested in experts’ perspectives but also in everyday experiences, we decided to have two distinct categories for submissions–essays and fiction.

For both categories we expressly decided not to have hard guidelines to encourage more people to send their thoughts and stories our way. We thus accept any essay, whether more technical or philosophical, that brings out an original perspective on privacy–or the lack thereof–that we are currently experiencing. Likewise, we accept any kind of fiction or personal story centered around the theme of privacy and/or the cypherpunk movement.

You can send your essay/story at: between the 11th July and the 8th of August. Please indicate [Cypherpunk Writing Contest] in your email.

Anyone can submit and multiple entries are welcome. Each piece will be evaluated independently.

If you have any queries about the submission do not hesitate to get in touch by email!

  • One essay submission and one fiction submission will be chosen as winners of their respective category and each will be awarded 300 USN.
  • The best 5 entries will be published on the Cypherpunk Guild Medium account and actively promoted across our social media.

About Cypherpunk Guild
The Cypherpunk Guild is a group of privacy-minded developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs, jointly collaborating to pioneer a future built around private transactions on NEAR Protocol and the larger crypto-verse. Led by two second-generation Cypherpunks, the Cypherpunk Guild supports the development of private applications on the Open Web, as a means of safeguarding user privacy and freedom.

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Privacy is the power to selectively reveal oneself to the world.

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